New job – and a new job opening at Red Hat

Eight releases ago (or 4 years, if your time isn’t measured in Fedora releases) I took the role of Fedora QA Lead. Or maybe “Fedora Test Lead”. It was kind of vague.

See, there wasn’t an official title, because it was a brand-new position. And there was no Feature process, no Release Criteria, no Test Day – no test plans at all – no proventesters, no Bodhi, no Koji. Everything got built by Red Hat employees, behind the Red Hat firewall, tested a bit (haphazardly, in whatever spare time the developers could muster) and pushed out to the public.

Things have come a long, long way since then, and I’m really proud of the things we’ve built and accomplished in Fedora QA. I’d like to take a minute to say “thanks” to everyone who’s contributed – anyone who’s participated in a test day, or written a test case, or pulled packages from updates-testing and given Bodhi feedback, or downloaded a Alpha/Beta/RC image and helped with the test matrix, or triaged a bug, or filed a bug, or helped someone else fix a bug.

My job changed over time to focus on the AutoQA project, and I’d also like to say “thanks” to everyone who’s given me ideas and suggestions along the way there. (And a huge thanks to James Laska, Kamil Paral, and Josef Skladanka for making these ideas actually work.)

Anyway, as the title suggests, I am indeed leaving Fedora QA. But I’m not going real far – I’m moving to Red Hat Engineering, and joining the Installer team. And this means that Red Hat is looking for someone to help lead the Fedora QA Automation efforts into the Glorious Future I keep promising. And that could be you.

If you want to work for (in my humble, personal opinion) a truly awesome company, and work with some brilliant, talented people, and get paid to write Free Software – and you think you have the skills and adaptability needed to do it – then check out the job posting. And if it feels right, apply.

I’ll be staying in QA until we get the depcheck test running – this was one of my original goals for Fedora QA and I’m not done until it is. And after that, it’s onward to causing fixing problems at the source. Wish me luck!