FUDCon, you win again

Proper FUDCon post coming after I’ve had more time to arrange my thoughts and recover.

Until then, check this out! While I was gone, my wife (as part of her Plush-a-Day challenge) made two plush robots in honor of FUDCon:

A Plush A Day Challenge: Day 17 - FUDbot (front) “This robot is made from the FUDcon Boston 2009 shirt that I got – in fact, I plan to make 2-3 robots from the material! I was reminded about this shirt since FUDCon is going on right now up in Toronto!

FUDbot here features:

  • Sweet logo design
  • Saucy winking interface
  • Convenient pocket program (see other photo for pocket utilization techniques)

His full name is Leonidas Stentz, but he prefers “FUDbot” so I’m fine with that.”

A Plush A Day Challenge: Day 18 - ConBot “ConBot is made from some more of the Boston 2009 FUDCon tshirt that I had. This part includes the tag cloud, which I really like the visual imagery of.

Unfortunately, ConBot is a bit crazed – look at those eyes! Maybe there are too many words on his belly?”


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