Translation Halp!

So if you’ve used GNOME in Rawhide lately you probably noticed this new “About this Computer” thing in your System menu:

That was me! I did that!

The problem is.. those strings need to be translated into all the various languages I don’t speak.

Eventually the patches involved will be in upstream GNOME or some Fedora-specific package. And then we can use the magic of Transifex to do the translation properly. But while that’s being sorted out, I still need to get those strings translated for F9.

If you can help, please check out this wiki page and add translations for your language.

Thanks a million!


3 thoughts on “Translation Halp!

  1. Swedish translation
    Since I’m not involved in Fedora in any way other than reading the planet from time to time it would feel akward to create a wiki account just to translate a string, so here comes the swedish translation as a comment if you don’t mind:
    Name[sv]=Om den här datorn
    Kalle Persson

  2. Swedish translation… again
    Oh blast. Totally missed the description. Here it comes, sorry.
    Comment[sv]=Få grundläggande information om den här datorn
    /Kalle Persson

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