Werewolf Calls

Just created the installer test matrix wiki page for Fedora 8 (Werewolf).

Today’s rawhide wasn’t installable without this updates.img (see here for instructions on using updates.img files with anaconda). Boo. But that bug is fixed, so tomorrow’s rawhide should be very close to a first release candidate for Fedora 8.

Spent last week poking bugs on the blocker list – we started the week with, if memory serves, 54 blocker bugs. After a week’s worth of tracking down bugs and testing fixes and pinging maintainers and reporters and such, we ended the week with.. 54 blocker bugs. Sigh.

But – good news, dear readers! Today (with help from jkeating, warren, jeremy, notting, and dozens more) we are down to 43 blocker bugs.

Some things were just dropped from the list – as much as I want the fingerprint reader on my thinkpad to work, we’re not going to slip the release for bug #311361.

Quite a few things have been fixed – for instance, this bug where pirut and pup would demand the DVD before letting you update your system. Now, when pirut or pup fail to contact one of your configured repos, there’s a nice “Edit Repositories” button that lets you enable and disable repositories.

Tomorrow should also bring a new NetworkManager build that restores the ability to connect to hidden wireless networks, adds dynamic WEP support, and other goodies.

Things seem to be going nicely. Hopefully we can clean it all up and hit the November 8 release date. It’d be nice to have a release go out on time for once!


1 thought on “Werewolf Calls

  1. To be fair, the steady state was more because we were pounding on things, finding problems and putting them on the list while at the same time fixing things. The fact that the list stayed steady for the last week was a pretty big accomplishment IMHO.

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