Rawhide Report

Well, F8Test2 is complete, and the rawhide floodgates are open again. There’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had in those new hundred-and-something updates.

The most obvious one is that kernel .169 reboots on startup on some machines- see Bug #283631. I’ve only tried one machine, but it failed there. Falling back to .164 is easy enough, so it’s not that big a deal.

I’ve actually not seen any success reports with this kernel. If you’re doing a rawhide update, you might save some time and skip that package.

Once you get the system booted, you may encounter some flakiness with dbus not starting up, and all dbus-related services thus also failing to start. I haven’t tracked this one down enough yet to file a bug, but restarting messagebus seems to let ConsoleKit, NetworkManager, hal and friends work OK.

I’m not sure if this is related or not, but pulseaudio also seems to have trouble finding the ALSA devices now. Again, haven’t tracked it enough to file a bug, but be on the lookout (and file a bug if you find a lead on the cause..)

I kinda hate these post-freeze updates. There’s so many changes all at once and I’m never exactly sure where to start looking when something breaks. And something always breaks.


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