Rawhide Report and python-bugzilla

Today’s rawhide seems to install just fine, at least if done without a kickstart on x86_64. That’s good. I didn’t get around to testing ppc, and my kickstart-based install broke somewhere.

I’ve still got a cold so I’m sorry if I’m a bit vague on details here. I’ll be sharper soon.

I’ve been working on a python module to talk to Red Hat’s bugzilla instance – you can get a copy of my git repo like so:

git clone http://wwoods.fedorapeople.org/python-bugzilla.git

The Red Hat XMLRPC stuff is a lot more featureful than the upstream bugzilla 3.0 web services. On the other hand, the upstream stuff is much cleaner. I’d really love to get some work done to get the RH stuff cleaned up and moved upstream so everyone could benefit. I think the RH bugzilla team is planning on doing this “soon” – but that’s “soon” in RHEL terms, which means, like, early next year maybe. Sigh.

Anyway. If you’ve got patches or suggestions for my bugzilla module (I’m sure it’s not the best code ever – I’m still getting to know python) I’d love to hear ’em.


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