Rawhide Report

Well, rawhide has installer images again today. Hooray for that. Unfortunately something about current rawhide keeps it from working right in KATE, our venerable installation test system. I’m told that manual installs work properly though.

I haven’t done any manual installs myself because I’m out of the office with a nasty head cold. I can work for about two hours before I get all fuzzy and unfocused and I have to go nap for a while.

It appears that dbus has grown a dbus-libs package, and that’s why upgrading to dbus-1.1.2-3 made my systems freak out – it didn’t require its own libs! dbus-1.1.2-4 fixes this.

fonts-japanese-0.20061016-{8,10}.fc8 have broken %postun scripts, which prevent them from being installed. This would be merely cosmetic, except fonts-japanese…-11 requires the new sazanami-fonts packages, which conflict with fonts-japanese older than -9. So if you want to upgrade your japanese fonts, you’ll need to do something like:

# force-remove the old fonts
rpm -e --noscripts $(rpm -q fonts-japanese)
# manually install new ones
yum install fonts-japanese

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