bug herding

So here we are, 10 days from the release of F7. Things are looking a lot better now than they were a week ago – the blocker list is down to a mere 27 bugs. A bunch of those have fixes that will be appearing in rawhide tomorrow. We might actually get this thing done in time.

Jeremy whipped up a fix for system-config-soundcard so that it wouldn’t crash firstboot on my 12″ PowerBook (or any other machine using snd_powermac.. like most PPC Macs, I think). The weird bug where the screensaver unlock dialog didn’t appear (so it looked like your system had crashed) is fixed. There’s a fix for the glibc bug that makes emacs crash that seems to work nicely, although I’m not sure it’ll make tomorrow’s push.

As of the next rawhide push, both mkinitrd and anaconda should be using mdadm to assemble arrays by UUID now, instead of by device name. That’s good, since the F7 kernel changes everyone’s IDE device names. This’ll close a whole bunch of blocker bugs, and let people using RAID on IDE upgrade from FC6. Yay! I’m not real happy with only getting 10 days to test such a change, though. If you can help test this at all, I’d be in your debt.

iwlwifi still isn’t as solid as we’d like, but as far as I can tell it’s not crashing people’s systems anymore. As much. Maybe.

So yeah, that’s about where we’re at. 10 more days. Let the fun begin!


2 thoughts on “bug herding

  1. ..and now it’s 9 days from General Availability: 5 days to fix everything, 2 days to test, and 2 days to sync to mirrors. Hoo boy!
    I’ll be glad to unleash this bad boy on the world, but even more than that I think I’ll be excited to get a chance to work on making this all go smoother next time.

  2. Feeling your pain
    So, without a mass of authorially-crazed documentation writers, it’s down to just a few of us to jam on that work as well. I’m trying feverishly to get the Installation Guide done in time for no worse than a day-and-date release, with translations to follow.

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