Meep meep meep meep!

So, as I have mentioned on various Fedora lists and on the Fedora Testing wiki page, one big thing we’re working on is an automated test suite for Fedora.

Today (with much help from RHTS ninjas Bill Peck and Matt Brodeur) we set up the first few machines for the Fedora test lab, which I am calling Beaker. Obviously it’s named after the non-copyright-infringing glassware one would find in a test lab. Obviously.

Hopefully Monday we will get the machines kicking through actual tests, and we can start pounding away on FC6t2 and rawhide. It’ll be cool to see what (if anything) the tests find.

Once we have that system running pretty well, I want to go take another look at They’ve got the Test API and a couple of sample tests freely available. RHTS is not well-suited to the sort of widely-distributed, ad-hoc testing that the Fedora community would provide, but I’m hoping we can start to build something specifically for Fedora that would use the same test API.


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