Turning it green

Spent most of the day doing FC6t2 installs. I’m trying to fill out the test matrix a bit, in my never-ending quest to Make Boxes Turn Green.

(Pretty much all our tracking and test tools have boxes for status. My job, in short, is to make sure they’re green. If they’re not green, I need to figure out why, and then help make them turn green. Sometimes you even hear people ask: “Is it green?” or “How green is it?”.)

So, the FC6t2 test plan page is nice, but inside Red Hat we have a tool called Testify for creating and tracking test plans. Basically a big project (like FC6) has a set of test plans associated with it – one for the kernel, one for Firefox, one for Evolution, and so on. And each of these test plans has a bunch of testcases inside it.

These testcases are usually one simple task, like “verify that software RAID works” or “make sure Thunderbird can fetch mail from an IMAP server”. Each test case also has a “How to test” document that describes how you go about setting up software RAID or connecting to an IMAP server or whatever.

One of the many projects I am working on is open-sourcing Testify and getting it set up for the Fedora project. People are already trying out Test2 and reporting bugs; this would give them a big list of Things To Test. And you know what that means? Lots and lots of boxes for people to turn green.

Would you be interested in such a thing, gentle reader? I hope so.


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