Obligatory Introductory Post

Hello! I’m Will, and I will be your guide on a magical tour through the majestic world of Fedora Testing. “But Will!” I hear you ask, “what is this, how you say, Fedorra Testeeng?” An excellent question!

I work for Red Hat, makers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (also called “RHEL”). They pay me to work on Fedora Core – the Free operating system all the kids love – and testing software related to it.

My semi-official job title is Test Lead. Basically I’m responsible for everything having to do with testing (and improving the quality of) Fedora Core. This includes stuff like:

  • Setting up automated test systems!
  • Doing manual install testing!
  • Helping sort through bug reports!

    But, more importantly, it includes:

  • Making it easier for people to report bugs!
  • Making it easier for other people to test software!
  • Getting people to help test things and report bugs!

    The “rockstar” thing is a big joke. Like I said in an interview here: software testing is not glamorous at all. There aren’t any famous software testers, and there are no QA rockstars. It’s like brushing your teeth – nobody looks cool doing it, and nobody enjoys doing it all day, but you look really bad if you ignore it. And all the cool kids do it, even if they don’t talk about it much.

    I’m never going to be able to make software testing cool but I’m hoping I can at least make it easy. Something you can do in a few minutes a day. Like brushing your teeth.

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